Moonie at the Wheel

Beware, drivers; Moonie is on the road.


Luckily, he’s too little to actually reach the pedals, or the wheel, or adjust the mirrors, or change gears.

He prefers to be a backseat driver instead. There’s nothing like hearing his high-pitched little troll voice squeaking out, “Are you going to let that big doofus pass you?” or “Whee, I love this song, turn it up!” as you’re commuting to and from work.

But even though he doesn’t do the driving, he says that because he spends so much time in my car, it needs a “Moonie” license plate so everyone knows their favorite pink-haired troll is on board. OK, fine, I said, as I had to renew my registration anyway. We went online together and started to order a special Moonie vanity plate, which would have looked like this:

license plate

Unfortunately, it was already taken by someone in Rhode Island. So if you do see a vehicle with a Moonie license plate driving around, it’s not my Moonie.

I hope their Moonie is a lot easier to drive with.

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