Moonie at the Wheel

Beware, drivers; Moonie is on the road.


Luckily, he’s too little to actually reach the pedals, or the wheel, or adjust the mirrors, or change gears.

He prefers to be a backseat driver instead. There’s nothing like hearing his high-pitched little troll voice squeaking out, “Are you going to let that big doofus pass you?” or “Whee, I love this song, turn it up!” as you’re commuting to and from work.
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Last week, Moonie got to try a new mode of transportation: airplane! He was so excited.

He ran around T.F. Green airport, greeting all the people and admiring the funky artwork, like this overhead scuplture.


Then he ran around to all the windows in the airport asking, “Is that our plane? Is that one our plane?”
Even when there was no plane in sight.


He was even thrilled to pose for photos with trucks ’cause they’re “shiny like planes.”

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