Last week, Moonie got to try a new mode of transportation: airplane! He was so excited.

He ran around T.F. Green airport, greeting all the people and admiring the funky artwork, like this overhead scuplture.


Then he ran around to all the windows in the airport asking, “Is that our plane? Is that one our plane?”
Even when there was no plane in sight.


He was even thrilled to pose for photos with trucks ’cause they’re “shiny like planes.”


Boy oh boy, he couldn’t WAIT to run down the boarding ramp! He was the very first passenger in line.


Once on the plane, he immediately discovered a “Moonie seat” made from the little drink holder in the tray table. This photo was taken just before a flight attendant walked by, didn’t notice Moonie, and snapped shut the tray table (he was only a little squished). That’s what he gets for not leaving it in the upright position.


He immediately recovered, pointing out the window at everything in sight.

“Mama, is that one our plane?”
“Moonie, we’re on our plane right now.”
“Oh yeah. Wait…Is that one our plane?”
(sigh) “Moonie….”


Then he bounced up and down in my lap telling all the airplane jokes he knew.

“Why don’t ducks tell jokes when they’re on a plane?
‘Cause they would quack up!”

“What do you call it when you’re sick of being in an airport?
Terminal illness!”

“What do you get when you cross an airplane with a magician?
A flying sorcerer!”

We finally took off, and Moonie squealed with delight to be above the clouds (an extra big achievement for a 3-inch-tall little dude). The man next to us sighed and grumbled about “always having to sit next to screaming kids and pink-haired trolls.” Moonie just smiled sweetly at him.


Then the VERY best part of flying on an airplane happened: the flight attendant brought Moonie SNACKS!


He happily dug right in.


He shared the crackers but not the peanuts. Moonie REALLY likes peanuts.


“Look, mama!” he said after a couple more hours. “Orlando!” We both waved at the city below us.


We touched down and Moonie was off like a rocket, running through a whole different airport in a whole different place. He was extra excited to find this pretty tropical mosaic, even if people were (to his slight disapproval) walking on it.


Thus concludes Moonie’s very first flying experience. The flight back was pretty much the same, although he did let me have one or two peanuts. He must have been tired.

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