Morning on Lake St. George

Our new friend Sarah invited me and Moonie to crash on her couch after the MDB and Juxo show so we wouldn’t have to drive home in the middle of the night. The cabin she and her friends were staying in was in Liberty, Maine, which according to this bumper sticker Moonie found on the piano is “just south of Freedom and a bit beyond Hope.”


Our couch was nicely warmed up by Sarah’s dog Bowie, who was named for his two different-colored eyes and was a sweetheart. Bowie sure thought it was a comfy couch.


We went to bed late, and it would have been nice to sleep more than a couple hours, but Moonie was jumping up and down on me at 6 a.m. squealing over the sky, which was just beginning to lighten in one corner. He loves sunrises, especially when they contain his favorite color, pink. So I reluctantly climbed off the couch, donned a jacket, and went outside with him to watch dawn slowly break over Lake St. George.

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Last week, Moonie got to try a new mode of transportation: airplane! He was so excited.

He ran around T.F. Green airport, greeting all the people and admiring the funky artwork, like this overhead scuplture.


Then he ran around to all the windows in the airport asking, “Is that our plane? Is that one our plane?”
Even when there was no plane in sight.


He was even thrilled to pose for photos with trucks ’cause they’re “shiny like planes.”

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The Big Apple

A couple of weeks ago, Moonie and I headed to NYC as part of a street photography workshop. He was so excited to go to the Big Apple!


Oh, wait, buddy. Not that kind of big apple.

Anyway, he had a great time on the train ride from New Haven.


And an even better time people-watching at Grand Central Station.

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Moonie Does Boston

Back in April, just a few days after Moonie came into my life, he accompanied me into Boston to take my sweet friend Jen out to lunch. I didn’t have my phone on me that day, but Moonie was having such a wonderful time, I caved and bought a disposable film camera to capture his trip.

I’m not sure what the people on the commuter rail thought when confronted with his little face peeking over the chair cushion.


In front of Old City Hall resides a bronze statue of a donkey by artist Antonio Frilli along with a pair of bronze footprints with elephants stamped in them that says “Stand in Opposition.” Moonie couldn’t wait to hug the donkey!

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Moonie has never been in a pool. Unfortunately, the hotel’s pool closed at 10:00 tonight, which I’m trying to explain to Moonie was almost three hours ago. His rationale is that they kept the lights on for him to visit.


He swears he’s just dipping in his toes. I hope so. His nudity is probably some kind of health hazard.


Moonie and I are staying in New Hampshire tonight. It’s his first time in a hotel and he’s a little gleeful.


Uh oh, his amber eyes just gleamed.

I think I’m gonna have to keep an eye on the mini fridge.