The Big Apple

A couple of weeks ago, Moonie and I headed to NYC as part of a street photography workshop. He was so excited to go to the Big Apple!


Oh, wait, buddy. Not that kind of big apple.

Anyway, he had a great time on the train ride from New Haven.


And an even better time people-watching at Grand Central Station.


He stood and pondered with the Argonaut statues at the New York Public Library.


All that pondering made him feel smart, so he went inside the library and helped reshelf all the books.


I’m sure the librarians were secretly excited about the extra work.

Then Moonie went on to Bryant Park to look for plants, flowers, dogs, and people to hug.


He loved finding displays of flowers outside all the fancy delis throughout Midtown.


He also found this cool art installation on pop culture and media from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. He fit in so well, I think a few people thought I was stealing him from the display when I gave him a lift back into my pocket.


He got to see lots of bits and pieces of Central Park, including this quiet lagoon-like area.


Moonie loooooves water fountains. Except he kept trying to blow on this one to make a wish like he does with live dandelions. His wishes didn’t come true, but his hair got nice and clean.


Later that evening, he got to watch people learn how to swing dance together.


They sure seemed to be having a good time!


He also found a big potted mix of plants and flowers and happily climbed in to hug them all. I had to cox him out by promising him his very own slice of New York-style pizza.


It worked; he not only came out of the planter, but he ate the whole slice all by himself.


He snoozed the whole train ride back with a full tummy after his full day. He sure enjoyed the big apple, even if it wasn’t the kind of apple he could bite.

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