Moonie Does Boston

Back in April, just a few days after Moonie came into my life, he accompanied me into Boston to take my sweet friend Jen out to lunch. I didn’t have my phone on me that day, but Moonie was having such a wonderful time, I caved and bought a disposable film camera to capture his trip.

I’m not sure what the people on the commuter rail thought when confronted with his little face peeking over the chair cushion.


In front of Old City Hall resides a bronze statue of a donkey by artist Antonio Frilli along with a pair of bronze footprints with elephants stamped in them that says “Stand in Opposition.” Moonie couldn’t wait to hug the donkey!


Then he asked if he could ride the horsie, but I explained that mounted police have jobs to do. When that didn’t work, I reminded him how tall horsies are, and how high off the ground he’d be. Moonie kind of paled and swayed a bit, so I steadied him. (Don’t worry, he was fine.)


He quickly forgot about the horsie when he help a froggie do some fishing.


He was so excited to see the “Make Way for Ducklings” dressed up for Easter! Unfortunately, Mama Duck was feeling a bit peckish, and poor Moonie became a snack.


Once I pulled him out of Mama Duck’s mouth, Moonie wanted to pose with Back Bay behind him, but he got nervous at the sight of a duck (he was still a little damp from almost being eaten). So I helped hold him up high where the duck couldn’t reach him, and he smiled brightly.


Next, we visited my favorite cemetery, King’s Chapel.


He thought all the graves and their accompanying flowers and plants needed a hug, so it took a while.


Next, we walked the whole length of the Greenway, while Moonie hugged some doggies and posed with their sign.


He thinks this current mural is cool but misses the ninja that was there before.


He also got to ride on an old Indian motorcycle! I accidentally cut his head out of the photo, though. He doesn’t mind; he says he must have been “too tall” to fit in it.


Here he is being tall again, posing with bike locks while on the Mass Ave overpass.


And here he is with his new pal, Edgar Allen Poe. He said “Eddie” was pretty swell, even if he didn’t laugh too hard at Moonie’s knock-knock jokes.


Finally, the highlight of the day was making friends with the harbor seals just outside of New England Aquarium. This one was quite taken with Moonie and kept swimming by him upside-down to stare at the nude little dude trying to hug it from the other side of the glass.


All in all, it was a pretty packed day, and I thought Moonie would be exhausted from all that running around and hugging and squealing. Instead of curling up for a nap, though, he spent the whole train ride home trying to hug all the trees outside the window.


That’s my little dude.

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