There’s a heaven on earth, according to Moonie.

It’s called Kilwin’s, and they serve both ice cream and candy (chocolates and fudge), and although there are no Kilwin’s shops in Massachusetts and only one in Rhode Island (all the way down in Newport), there are bunches in Florida, and Moonie checked them out.

I thought I was going to have to give Moonie CPR when he realized that one single place had two of his very favorite things.

Then I thought his little mind was going to blow when told he had to pick ONE thing, either ice cream or candy, but not both.

There were tiny little beads of sweat running down his little face as he agonized over the decision.

He finally went with salted caramel fudge.


I think he’s pretty happy with his choice…Although he’s asking when we can go back to Kilwin’s, this time for ice cream.

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