Providence Folk Festival

What’s a folk festival without Moonie?
Let’s hope we never find out.

Yesterday was the second annual Providence Folk Festival, and oh boy, was it a wonderful afternoon of music. Eighteen acts graced two simultaneous stages in the little national park in the heart of our city.

Its performers, including Cliff Eberhardt, Cardboard Ox, the Rank Strangers, and The Nields, could rest easy knowing that Moonie had everything under control (even if he was a mite small for all his Very Important Badges and had to wrap them many times around himself).


He was proud of himself for doing such a great job on the sound.


Moonie was such a proud little engineer that Greg Klabon, who was really doing sound, let him pretend.


But Moonie plays as hard as he works, so he made sure to enjoy the music from an audience perspective as well.


The best part of his day was running into his friend Mary B. After he first met Mary earlier this year, he’d whispered to me, “Mary is the bee’s knees.” Yesterday, he blissfully got to hear wonderful live music from wonderful Mary B’s knees, so that was extra perfect.


Moonie also thinks John Fuzek is the bee’s knees for organizing a successful Providence Folk Festival with such talented acts. He’s looking forward to the third annual PFF next year – where Mary B’s knees will be the best seat in the house.

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