ERB meets Waterfire

As you know from past posts, Moonie is a pretty big fan of the Extraordinary Rendition Band. You’re likely to see a little tuft of pink hair in the front row of their shows.


So last night as we ventured out to one of his beloved Waterfires, he pulled me over to the downtown skating rink to see ERB play.


They were fun as usual!


Wait, do they limbo now?


They sure got the crowds behind me happy. The cheers almost drowned out the drums.


Then they all collapsed.


“We’ve got a piper down,” Moonie whispered to me. “I repeat, the piper is down.” He must have seen “So I Married an Axe Murderer” again recently.


When the group revived, they led us in a rousing round of “When I say ‘E,’ you say ‘E’!” until the merry crowed had deafeningly repeated “ERB” back to them.


Finally, Moonie and I ended up in a little parade as ERB led the crowd all the way to Waterfire. Someone handed me a “love yourself” sign, which is a pretty great message, so I carried that while Moonie was carried by the crowd’s enthusiasm. Another ERB win-win.


We stopped along the way so they could indulge someone’s request for a Michael Jackson song in the middle of Kennedy Plaza.

Later in the night, ERB piled into boats that patrolled down the river and in circles around the basin lit with fire. It was pretty spectacular, even if this video isn’t.

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