PRONK!, or Providence Honk, is an annual festival that draws street musicians from around the country to celebrate music here in our little state’s capital city. I believe this will be its 8th year (my 6th attending), but most importantly, it will be Moonie’s first.

And oh boy, can I tell you, he is VERY excited.

I try to attend Honk! in Boston each fall as well, and if I go Moonie will go with me (I’ve already donated to their Kickstarter campaign, my little way of helping them make this a fun and FREE event for all attendees). But Monday, October 12th is circled no less than six times on our calendar (one in each color of the rainbow, Moonie informs me), because that’s when the bands parade down Wickendon Street and lead hundreds of people to musical merriment at India Point Park in Providence. In other words, PRONK!

Annual PRONK! participants Extraordinary Rendition Band and What Cheer? Brigade played rousing sets today at a pre-Pronk Family Fun Day, where folks both big and little gathered at the Amory farmer’s market to enjoy music and a festive atmosphere of activities, hula hoops, face painting, and interesting costumed characters.

Moonie loves both street bands, but his favorite part of the event was the instrument petting zoo. Beware, Pronk musicians; his grubby little troll hands have been alllllllll over your kits and kaboodles.


He’s also practicing marching around singing a little PRONK! song in the event that he’s asked to lead the PRONK! parade (even though I keep telling him he’s too little and would get stepped on). It goes something like,

The best way to honk!
Throws better than Gronk!
Tastes like sauvignon blanc!
Don’t be a donk!
10/12 is PRONK!
See you at PRONK!
Honk honk honk!

Well, he needs to work on the lyrics a bit. But he does have six weeks and boundless enthusiasm.

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