William Schaff

William Schaff is a prolific artist in many mediums, from pen and paint to embroidery and collage to comics and movies. Check out his gallery of recent works, some of which are for sale. In fact, Moonie and I are the proud new owners of one of his smaller (Moonie-sized, if you will) drawings from the very gallery!

He’s also a musician and a good friend to many musicians, so it’s not surprising that William has designed a dizzying amount of album art for both local and far-flung bands. Here’s a tiny taste of some of his albums:


I thought Moonie’s head might pop off the way he had it tilted all the way back, his little eyes bugging out as he tried to take in all of William’s artwork crawling up the walls – really, every surface – of his home base, “Fort Foreclosure.”


When he wasn’t falling over in awe at the sensory overload, Moonie was trying to pet William’s chill dog, Dinner, so I thought he was with the dog when he disappeared for a few minutes. Then I caught Moonie playing in one of the front windows, which at the moment is displaying an array of crucifixes – either inspiring Mr. Schaff or maybe waiting to be used in future pieces.


Moonie did come out long enough for a quick photo with his new hero. William Schaff often wears masks, whether homemade cloth ones for photo shoots or the ape mask he might don while drumming as “Dead Chop Chop” in the What Cheer? Brigade, and tonight was no exception.


Moonie thought his mask was pretty cool. He’s already planning to make his own. Of course, it won’t exactly rival Mr. Schaff’s for cool factor, as he is currently asking me if we have any glitter. I’m guessing he’ll also incorporate a rainbow or a unicorn in there somewhere, too. But I’m glad he enjoyed seeing some darker stuff tonight. Only some of William Schaff’s art could be considered conservative, but much of it conveys messages, most of it makes you think, and all of it is beautiful.

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