Project Undercover

Moonie loves two big things about Project Undercover: their cute teddy bear logo and the fact that they collect unopened diapers, underwear and socks for 45,000 Rhode Island kids every year. It’s easy to remember to donate clothes and household goods, but sometimes we forget the stuff under the covers, so to speak.

But Project Undercover is reminding us through their various collections and awareness campaigns and, last Thursday, through a “Taste of Summer” fundraiser that drew hundreds of people to its cause. Moonie, of course, was high on the event’s guest list.

(Actually, I think his little bear buddy snuck him in.)


He had a blast sampling food from great local vendors La Creperie, The Duck & Bunny, Capital Grille, Sicilia’s Pizzaria, The Backyard Food Company, and Wes’ Rib House, happily washing down his yums with “Captain America” beer tastings from Trinity Brewhouse.

When he wasn’t wolfing down everything in sight, Moonie was grooving happily to live jazz by Doug Woolverton and Travis Colby.


(Moonie, to his teddy bear friend: “Would you like another bite of my crepe?”
Teddy bear: “No thanks, I’m stuffed!”
Moonie: [laughs hysterically])

Also, it’s a good thing I won this basket in the silent auction, ’cause I’m not sure how else we were going to untangle Moonie from the ribbon. He seems to have been curling up for a nap and gotten a bit stuck in the bow – sheepish but comfy.


Moonie is working on a theme song for National Diaper Need Awareness Week, which starts on September 28th. He may not know what it’s like to need underwear or diapers, given that my little nudist eschews those things, but he does know that Rhode Island has lots of needy kids and every little bit helps. He hopes you’ll keep your eyes peeled for Project Undercover collection sites around the state. Project Undercover volunteers work hard to get those much-needed items to organizations that can hand them directly to disadvantaged families in their care.

Because we all deserve to be as warm, dry and cozy as Moonie in his bow.


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