Women’s March 2018

Once again, Moonie had cause to join a women’s rally in Providence on January 20th. He said he’s disappointed that the leader of the country he lives in doesn’t respect women, or pretty much anyone who isn’t a rich, white, straight male. So Moonie, who DOES respect women, decided to make his little voice heard on behalf of his other colorful-haired troll friends.

He made some posters: first of his front…


and then of his back (because we all know he’s very, very proud of his backside, which he inspected closely to be sure he’d captured its voluptuousness).

Then Moonie and thousands of other women lovers went down to the State House

where he saw lots and lots and lots and lots of posters.

His friend Diana made a sign that said, “perSISTER” on one side and “reSISTER” on the other, which earned her a high-five from little Moonie,

and his friend J.J. had a terrific sign for her dog Alfie, which earned her a big bout of giggles from Moonie.

Moonie was most excited to see his friends in the Extraordinary Rendition Band, who opened and closed the rally with red, white and shiny outfits and upbeat songs. Little Moonie continues to be a BIG fan of ERB! Look how excited he looks to hang out with his friend Greg, who plays washboard for the band.


ERB member Jessica Brown was a spectacular emcee throughout the rally and gave a really thought-provoking talk near the end about both inherent racism and inclusiveness, with great points on how we all have a responsibility to be aware of our thoughts, actions, privilege, and prejudices. Moonie nodded along with every word, enraptured with truth.

And then (if you look very, very closely you might see his little pink head running around between people’s feet) he got down and danced to ERB’s music with the Brick by Brick activists before joining their rally-ending parade that marched down and across the street to a park.

It’s not good news that we have cause to be even more worried about our country than we were on this date last year. There is more to fear for Moonie’s friends who aren’t straight and who aren’t white and who aren’t cis and who weren’t born here, and there’s a lot to worry about concerning threats to our natural and cultural environments. We’re marching a bit more towards a police state each month, and I’m sad to report that little Moonie, who used to have a smile permanently plastered to his little face, has been frowning with worry, concerned that the country he loves and the people in it aren’t being treated with the respect he thinks they deserve and cringing every time the press or any agency or organization is suppressed when trying to reveal or share truth that differs from what the president wants people to hear or think or believe. Little Moonie never envisioned this after decades of living in the land of the free, and I hadn’t, either.

So as long as it takes, Moonie will stand every bit of his three inches and speak up for those who can’t. And he is glad that he has friends like ERB who commit their time and energy to speaking up for others and spreading positive vibes. We have to look out for each other, Moonie is telling me. Let’s spread the love for every person of every color, gender, size, age, and religion. He’s starting out by giving me a big hug…And he has one for you, too.


Hey, friends, guess-



Um, guess what-



Er, guess what tomorrow is-



Moonie, buddy, I thought we were going to give your friends a chance to guess what tomorrow-



Well, you’ll have to excuse Moonie. He’s a bit excited because tomorrow is PRONK! And that, of course, is his very favorite day of the year.

Thai shirt 5

Last year he wrote a 72-staza PRONK opus, which was backed by a philharmonic orchestra and three kazoos. (I’d still like a word with whomever taught him the word “badonkadonk.” Given that not too many words rhyme with PRONK, it features heavily in the verses.)

So of course we were happy to go to the PRONK Family Day festivities in late August to start getting psyched up for PRONK.

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ERB Shirt for Pronk!

When we last saw our hero Moonie, he had run out of time to make a Pronk! costume because he’d dedicated Saturday afternoon to making a Planned Parenthood banner for Pronk!.

So you’d think he’d be a little sad, but he wasn’t.

Then I came upon this scene this morning.


“Uh, Moonie? Where’d that envelope come from? And what are you wearing? And who do we know in Thailand? And since when do they deliver mail on Sundays?”

He only gave me that mysterious little smile in return, reminding me that trolls have just a little bit of magic about them.

Then he held up the teeniest little shirt and said he’d be right back.

Thai shirt 2

And, only about 20 minutes later, he emerged from his little troll studio decked out as Extraordinary Rendition Band’s biggest fan.

Thai shirt 3
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ERB Rehearsal

4:52 p.m.: “Is it PRONK! yet?”
“No, Moonie.”

5:31 p.m.: “is it PRONK!” yet?”
“Five and a half weeks, little dude.”

6:47 p.m.: “Has it been five and a half weeks yet?”

He was clearly missing his red, white and shiny street marching band, so I took Moonie to the Extraordinary Rendition Band‘s weekly rehearsal tonight, where their bleats and beats floated along the river, mingling with the sounds from nearby bars and clubs and attracting delighted onlookers and scattered applause from passersby.


He was enthralled and danced away as they practiced. He thinks they played extra good because they had a nude little dude in the audience tonight.


I’m just glad he’s stopped asking about PRONK! for a bit. There are only so many cookies and rainbow-colored objects in the world for me to distract him with.

Moonie & ERB

One of the most fun things about Rhode Island is the Extraordinary Rendition Band. The ERB, an open band with at least 30 members of all ages, can best be described as a guerrilla activist street band, popping up in unexpected places to bring attention to various causes or to cause good-natured fun and mayhem – usually both at the same time – while dressed in their trademark “red, white and shiny.”

Moonie had a blast meeting them and dancing to their tunes today.

ERB Cinco de Mayo

Even if his rounded, kind of wobbly feet almost helped him fall into the abyss of ERB’s giant sousaphone.