Moonie & ERB

One of the most fun things about Rhode Island is the Extraordinary Rendition Band. The ERB, an open band with at least 30 members of all ages, can best be described as a guerrilla activist street band, popping up in unexpected places to bring attention to various causes or to cause good-natured fun and mayhem – usually both at the same time – while dressed in their trademark “red, white and shiny.”

Moonie had a blast meeting them and dancing to their tunes today.

ERB Cinco de Mayo

Even if his rounded, kind of wobbly feet almost helped him fall into the abyss of ERB’s giant sousaphone.

One comment

  1. Elizabeth Manning · May 8, 2015

    Love the ERB! So glad they got to come back to Putnam again for First Fridays! My daughter and I want ERB t-shirts!!! 🙂


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