ERB Shirt for Pronk!

When we last saw our hero Moonie, he had run out of time to make a Pronk! costume because he’d dedicated Saturday afternoon to making a Planned Parenthood banner for Pronk!.

So you’d think he’d be a little sad, but he wasn’t.

Then I came upon this scene this morning.


“Uh, Moonie? Where’d that envelope come from? And what are you wearing? And who do we know in Thailand? And since when do they deliver mail on Sundays?”

He only gave me that mysterious little smile in return, reminding me that trolls have just a little bit of magic about them.

Then he held up the teeniest little shirt and said he’d be right back.

Thai shirt 2

And, only about 20 minutes later, he emerged from his little troll studio decked out as Extraordinary Rendition Band’s biggest fan.

Thai shirt 3

He’d painstakingly drawn an itty-bitty ERB logo, complete with “a happy little horn,” on the teeny shirt’s microscopic surface area. And to prove that he’s a “superfan,” he’d also made himself a Moonie superhero cape.

Thai shirt4

Uh, Moonie? It’s really hard to see your pink “M” against your pink cape against your pink hair. Are you sure you don’t want to use another color besides pink?


OK, then.

But wait, ERB’s biggest – and also littlest – fan had one more surprise.

Thai shirt 5

Yes, my nude little dude made himself spiky little epaulettes (to match his spiky hair) and then painted himself in glitter nail polish.

(“Those look like freckles,” I observed, cringing a bit at the decor that will probably take weeks to get off my little guy.
Sparkly freckles,” Moonie corrected, mooning over his reflection in the mirror.)

That, folks, is some Pronk! dedication.

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