Just as Moonie has a human best friend (me), his crow buddy Marty has a human best friend, Greg Klabon. Greg can be spotted managing sound at dozens of live music events each year for the Rhode Island Songwriters Association – and Marty can be found right alongside Greg, headphones on, concentrating on enhancing all the talented singers and songwriters who perform at Brooklyn Coffee and Tea House.

Moonie recently had a chance to catch up with his good pal Marty, who gave Moonie a tour of Marty’s special little set of sound equipment. Soon the two buddies were giggling over music jokes.


“Why did the musician get arrested?” Marty asked.
“Why?” Moonie asked.
“Because he was in treble!”

They both hooted.

“Did you hear what happened when an E-flat walked into a bar?” Moonie asked.
“No, what happened?” Marty asked.
“The bartender said, ‘Sorry, we don’t serve minors in here!'”

They cracked up.

“How do you fix a broken tuba?” Marty asked.
“How?” Moonie asked.
“With a tuba glue!” Marty shrieked.

They howled.

Greg and I finally had to separate my nude little dude and his black-winged friend. It was getting hard to hear the live music over their puns.

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