Happy Easter!

I followed the sounds of giggling to find Moonie with three new friends:


“What’s up, guys?” I asked.

“Oh, nothing,” Moonie said, smiling. “I’m just hanging with my Peeps.”

The Peeps giggled.

“We were telling Peep jokes,” Moonie said. “Like this one: Why did the Easter bunny go into the adults-only section?”

“Why?” I asked, along with his three marshmallow companions.

“Because he wanted to see the Peep show!”

I didn’t know candy could laugh, but all three Peeps did.

“Why was the marshmallow chick so popular?” Moonie asked.

“Why?” we chorused.

“Because she was a Peep-le person!” he shouted. His candy friends howled.


“Why did the Easter bunny tell his friend to shut her mouth?”

“Why?” we all asked again.

“Because he didn’t want to hear another Peep out of her!” His marshmallow pals screeched.

“What does a Peep use to measure weight?”

“What?” we chorused.

“A candy gram!” Moonie shouted, and his gooey friends dissolved into gales of laughter.

They seemed like nice ladies. I hope it didn’t hurt when Moonie ate them.

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