Bob Fitzgerald

A couple of weeks ago Moonie and I had a wonderful evening at Brooklyn Coffee and Teahouse enjoying hot drinks and cool music. He was thrilled that the three fantastic acts included Bob Fitzgerald, a near-fixture at some of Moonie’s favorite open mics. Moonie and Bob’s son Ian, as you all know, go to the same barber 😉

Moonie really enjoyed Bob’s set. Bob has written some fantastic songs and played them so well that night on his 12-string guitar. My pink-haired punk was mesmerized from the first chord.


He did shake himself out of enjoying Bob’s upbeat, bluesy songs to amble over to greet his good friend Marty. Marty and Moonie sure do love being sound engineers together!


Moonie smiled and wiped away a little tear as Bob finished the last lingering note of “Slowly,” a song he’d written for his wife on their 39th anniversary. In a flash, he ran over to hug his pal, and Bob in turn had a big smile for my little sidekick.


Between Bob, talented duo Colby and Keila, and the wonderful Lenny Solomon, I thought his little pink head was going to explode with happiness. Thanks to Bob and his fellow musicians for making Moonie’s night!

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