Moonie is on Instagram.

Well, he doesn’t have an account. But whenever I’m enjoying a nature walk or a drink or a quiet moment, he’ll pop up with, “Look, Mama!” and be so cute that I need to snap a photo. So he features prominently on my personal Instagram.

He was sad that his Facebook friends might be missing out on his exciting adventures, so I agreed that every once in a while we will make a blog post with some of his InstagraMoonie (as he calls them) photos.

Aren’t you glad you didn’t miss him enjoying the cat wreath at his favorite shop, What Cheer Records and Antiques, in December?


Or how about hanging with his pretty friends Mary and Kamilla at Perks and Corks? He wooed them with citrus-y smiles.


Moonie is often my “pocket pal.” It’s fun to open my purse and have him pop up with a joyful greeting.


We of course had to InstagraMoonie the first time that Moonie and I ever tried corn nuts (I misheard and thought my coworker was offering us walnuts). They were very, very crunchy!


Let’s not forget the time Moonie made me pull the car over to “enjoy the blue.”


And finally, on a visit to Avon Theatre, the only InstagraMoonie caption needed was, “Decisions, decisions.”


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