‘Mericans at Bucket Brewery

Moonie has so many adventures that I sometimes fall behind on writing about them. Boy, did he have a fun one back in November!

He and I met up with friends at Bucket Brewery in Pawtucket, where our favorite Rhode Island band, the ‘Mericans, was set to rock a crowd of craft beer drinkers.



Inside, the brewery was decorated with glittery strings of lights that immediately attracted my shiny-loving dude’s attention.


Even better, he spotted the ‘Mericans on a makeshift stage.


Moonie fought his way to the front, and I followed his spiky little head.


Then Moonie got an even better idea: since it’s hard for him to see, being so short, why not climb up onto one of the big shiny beer vats? We ran up the steps and immediately had a bird’s-eye view of the show.


So fun!


Moonie’s friend Dan and his friend Sam were up there too, so the four of us enjoyed a great view. Moonie borrowed my phone to videoptape the ‘Mericans playing their song “Car” (it’s a little wobbly ’cause the phone was as big as Moonie and his teeny little arms were shaking).

Then it was time for a break, which meant Moonie had to run to the bar for a Bucket beer.

So hard to choose! Moonie and I are big honey bee fans, so we both went for the Hive Mind Honey.


Moonie downed his immediately – I barely had time to capture the joy on his face – and then got little Moonie hiccups.


His friend Chris Daltry, who was a bit sweaty from rockin’ out, held Moonie up to try and cure Moonie’s hiccups, but it just made him giggle.


As did these little beer mug lights.


Then it was back to the stage for the second ‘Mericans set.


My nude little dude was right up front, happily dancing with his friends Beth and Renee and Susie and J.J. and J-Dalt and Matt.


Moonie hooted (and hiccuped) and cheered (and hiccuped) and grinned, and Chris smiled back at him.


What a fun night! Moonie sure hopes the ‘Mericans and Bucket Brewery join forces again.

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