Whetherman Wows Providence

Moonie loooves the music of Whetherman.


Especially on vinyl, so he can spin around while listening.


But he was overjoyed last Wednesday night that he’d get to hear Whetherman live, in person, and he pulled me by the hand all the way to The Grange to catch him.

Whetherman is based out of Florida (well, actually, he and his lovely bride-to-be kind of live on the road), and last year Moonie’s friend Brett Davey hosted a great Whetherman house concert during his 2015 tour. This year, Whetherman planned on playing right in Providence at one of Moonie’s favorite vegetarian restaurants, which features cool decorations and knowledgeable bartenders and terrific weekly music. Whee!


We love The Grange, but it can be tough to hear the music over the clatter of silverware on plates and chatting over meals, so Moonie rushed to sit RIGHT up front so he wouldn’t miss a note. I had to remind him not to leave little footprints on the merch.


Despite the chatter it was a great show, featuring lots of favorites Moonie and I recognized from the albums we own, plus a really different new song we were all treated to called “California Grove.” Moonie’s eyes widened and flashed as they tried to follow the intricate fingerpicking all night.

Moonie was thrilled that the set ended with his very favorite song from Whetherman’s latest full-length release, “Seeds for Harvest.” Moonie borrowed my cell phone and held it up in his little arms, “Say Anything” style, to record this performance of “Ghosts in the Water.”

After the show, he even got to meet Whetherman! Whee!


(Moonie says he’s really glad he didn’t blink when I snapped this photo.)

Here’s hoping Whetherman stops in our fair little state again next year, maybe at a quieter venue where his beautiful music can fully shine. But even if you could hear a pin drop while Whetherman played, my pink-haired pal would likely still be right up front, eyes wide, following each lovely note.

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