Women’s March

Last Saturday I woke to find Moonie all ready for the women’s march here in Providence.

He’d been up all night making his sign.


The march through the streets of Providence was too scary for me to snap any pics. It’s awfully easy to lose an excitable little troll pal in a big crowd, so despite all the energy and camaraderie I was fixated on keeping an eye on his pink spiky head (which people kept complimenting, thinking he was wearing the world’s tiniest “pussy hat”).

But once our crowd of 7,000 – ten times the size of any other protest Moonie has ever seen there – gathered together at the Rhode Island State House, Moonie was transfixed by the various speakers and the performers that varied from a female rapper to spoken word poets to Moonie’s favorite red, white and shiny musicians for a cause, the Extraordinary Rendition Band.


You have to squint to make out ERB from where we were standing, but Moonie thoroughly enjoyed signing along with their new song, “We don’t want your tiny hands / anywhere near our underpants.”


And he tiptoed through the crowd in order to hug the person holding up the “I (heart) the Constitution” sign, because Moonie (hearts) everything.


At some point we had made it all the way from the middle of the crowd to the front, where Moonie posed for a quick selfie.


He wanted to see what the rally looked like from the top of the State House steps, so he borrowed my phone and ran up the marble steps on his teeny little legs to snap a shot. It’s not bad, considering this was an hour after the rally was scheduled to end and a lot of people had had to leave. Many people stuck around to listen to passionate speakers drawing attention to racial profiling and immigrant struggles and other issues that we need to draw together and protect each other from.


Moonie got to visit with a few of his ERB friends, who were gearing up to end the peaceful rally with peaceful but upbeat music.


After the last trumpet notes and drumbeats echoed through the streets of Providence, I found Moonie in a corner of the field full of signs (he added his own tiny rainbow heart sign to the mix), which included several huge banners we’d spotted during the march that read, “Not because we lost – because we love.”


That’s exactly the right sentiment for my little dude – and he says it’s the right sentiment for us humans, too.

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