Moonie’s Mail: Emergency Kit

Boy oh boy, did Moonie have a wonderful surprise the other evening!

We came home to find that his talented artist friend William Schaff had delivered a whole box of goodies!

emergency kit1

We had contributed to Mr. Schaff’s “Hold down the Fort” campaign, which would keep the house of out of which he works and others live out of foreclosure. Even artists with amazing skill and drive like Mr. Schaff have to hold off the mortgage collectors and keep on the utilities from time to time. In exchange for nearly 900 people gathering together to help the fort, Mr. Schaff has been busying himself in dizzying ways to pay everyone back with special treats.

Moonie loved his “emergency kit,” which had a special CD from some of his favorite artists like Allysen Callery and Haunt the House and What Cheer? Brigade and Alec Redfearn, and a special deck of playing cards – each one with a unique illustration – designed by Mr. Schaff, and hand-drawn booklets and cards.

But Moonie’s absolute favorite kit enclosures were the three little “Curse of the Pandrew” books, an Edward Gorey-like collection detailing horrific fates befalling each member of What Cheer? Brigade. He immediately devoured the books, hooting away at the dark humor.

emergency kit2

Moonie’s laughing now, but I know when we’re at Pronk! on Monday and he’s watching What Cheer? Brigade close out the festival with that night’s final show, teeny beads of sweat will run down his little face if a band member climbs onto shoulders or crowd members’ hands, and he’ll be whispering, “Careful….Careful…”

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