Cardboard Ox Album Release


Moonie was running in circles, exuberant arms flung in the air, shouting this over and over.

“What’s up, Moonie?” I asked as the kitty yawned and went back to sleep.


Here, I’ll translate: it was the last Saturday in October, and the incredibly talented duo of Tracie Potochnik and Steve Allain that makes up Cardboard Ox was holding its CD release show that night. And if you recall, all the way back in April – the very first day that Moonie came into my life – we’d attended a Cardboard Ox show in Dedham, MA for his very first outing.

Cardboard Ox

The duo has held a special little place in Moonie’s heart ever since. We weren’t going to miss the release of their six-song EP for the world.

The release was being hosted by Ross Lenzing of Lion Recording Studio; Ross had recorded, mixed, and mastered the EP. Other audience members included guest musician Amato Zinno, who’d contributed on upright bass. Moonie loves meeting new people, but after saying hello to a bunch of folks he immediately zeroed in on one of the cardboard oxes that decorated the walls in honor of the Cardboard Ox album release.


“What did the daddy ox say to his boy leaving for college?” Moonie asked, giggling into the ox’s ear.
Cardboard ox: (silence)
Moonie: “Bison! Get it? Bye, son?”
Cardboard ox: (silence)

“What’s it called when two of you crash into each other?”
Cardoard ox: (silence)
Moonie: “An OXIDENT!”
He fell over, kicking his little legs in the air in mirth.
Cardboard ox: (silence)

“Hey, Moonie?” I asked. “Want to see the recording studio where Ross finished the album?”
“OHBOYOHBOYOHBOY!” Moonie shouted, racing ahead of me to the stairs.
I swear that cardboard ox breathed a sigh of relief as we left.

Downstairs, all the musicians oohed and ahhed as they checked out all the equipment. Moonie, of course, was impressed not with the sound gear but with the little vase of flowers, scrambling up to pose proudly with them.


We headed back up in time to grab a snack from the yummy-looking spread and grab a seat for the show. Moonie, of course, wiggled his way up along the rug until he was in the very front row and all the rest of us had no choice but to look at his bum.


The lovely Krista Baroni played a gorgeous opening set. Her songs can be personal and raw, and it’s as if she gives us a gift each time she performs, sharing pieces of herself. I think I may have seen a teeny little tear on Moonie’s face as she sang. (But then again, it could have been a tear of laughter as another ox joke occurred to him. You never know with Moonie.)


Then it was time for Steve and Tracie to take the stage as Cardboard Ox, playing over Moonie’s squeaky little cheers.


As if their set wasn’t amazing enough, they asked Krista to join them in covering a First Aid Kit song. What a beautiful moment, hearing these three perform together!


Moonie scrambled to be the first to pick up Krista’s wonderful sophomore album, “Alabaster Girl.”


And of course he wouldn’t have left the home/studio that night without a copy of Cardboard Ox’s EP.


But I think his favorite part may have been Cardboard Ox’s little business cards.

They were just the right size for Moonies.


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