Lord of the Pies, Stop 5

Dan and Moonie and I hit The Fire Brick Oven Pizza & Bar as our fifth Lord of the Pies stop. Our two coupons combined were good for a one-topping pizza, which normally costs about $16. The Fire’s brick oven pizzas are big and delicious (I’ve long been a fan of their margherita), and we were looking forward to choosing a topping!

First, we had to wait for Moonie to hug the candle on the table.


Then, we were served yummy warm rolls with a dish of garlic-filled olive oil to dip them in. Fancy stuff!


There was a dish of grated Parmesan, and Moonie kept adopting a fake British accent and interrupting me and Dan to ask, “Would you ladies and gents care for some cheese?” He was loving how fancy this place was.


It took some deliberation, but I had never tried zucchini pizza and was curious, and the guys agreed to give it a shot. The pizza arrived with fat slices of grilled zucchini – yum!


Every time I looked up, Moonie was serving himself another piece. It was tough for me and Dan to keep pace.


I have to admit I’m a sucker for fall menus, and I asked Dan (I knew I didn’t need to ask Moonie) if he’d share some pumpkin ravioli if I ordered it. The verdict was yes, and the ravioli arrived in a roasted walnut and butternut squash cream sauce. The only hitch was that it lacked the sprinkling of toasted pumpkin seeds the menu had promised – except I can’t guarantee that Moonie hadn’t simply eaten them all before Dan or I finished blinking.


He’s awful quick with a fork.

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