Lord of the Pies, Stop 3

A couple of months ago, my friend Elaine and I tried to meet up for tacos during RI Food Fights’ “Taco Mania.” The taco place was closed, even though per the hours posted on their door they were supposed to be open, so we ended up at yummy Napolitano’s Brooklyn Pizza enjoying their $5 special (two slices of cheese and a drink). Now that Elaine and I planned on meeting at Napolitano’s Brooklyn Pizza for pizza, I wondered if we’d somehow end up with tacos instead.

But we didn’t! Because NBP makes some really good slices of New York-style pizza, and because not only Elaine but also our friend Jennifer Jane AND our friend Jake all met up with us, and because it was a Friday and good things seem to happen on Fridays. For Moonie, that good thing happened the moment he saw the pizzaria’s lights. He loooves shiny lights!


Even better, NBP carries Pelligrino soda, which makes Moonie happy (even if it also makes him belch).


Our coupon was for one slice, and as they’re sizable one is probably enough for most people. But Moonie isn’t most people, so he got two slices.


It didn’t take him long to polish them both off. Elaine, Jennifer Jane, Moonie and I all enjoyed our cheese pizza, which we each enhanced with varying levels of red pepper flakes, oregano, and parmesan cheese. Jake had pepperoni pizza, and he seemed to enjoy his slices, which thankfully Moonie did not steal.

It gets embarrassing when I have to replace people’s lunches after my nude little dude’s boundless tummy has gotten carried away. Thank goodness, Moonie was good to go with two slices of cheese and a smile.


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