Lord of the Pies, Stop 7

Last Monday we headed out to Uncle Tony’s for our next Lord of the Pies stop.

November was finally catching up to us, and it was a chilly night. Fortunately, Moonie quickly found a way to warm up: hot chocolate.


He then studied the giant menu with great care.


And studied his reflection with even more care, while pretending to select some songs.


Our server Tiffany brought some bread and butter, and Moonie happily dug in.


Dan brought Moonie a little sloth friend, and Moonie busied himself telling Slothy the Sloth all the knock-knock jokes he knew.


He also tried to tell his jokes to the people embroidered on the wall, but they beat him away with a parasol. I guess they’d heard the jokes before.


‘How big are your meatballs?” Moonie asked Tiffany, having noticed that you could order them individually.
“Bigger than you,” Tiffany replied.
She was correct.


Sneaky Moonie had also ordered himself some fries.


But soon the main course came – chicken and broccoli for me and Moonie and a vegetarian pizza for Dan and Slothy the Sloth – and Moonie zoomed right in on the pizza.


I’d say he liked it.


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