Lord of the Pies, Stop 8

Moonie and I went to Luigi’s Gourmet Express & Restaurant last week to try a slice of pizza. Moonie immediately oohed and aahed over the long waves of shiny counters featuring all kinds of sweet and savory treats.


He equally oohed and aahed over the little display of sweets when we ordered our slice. (Yes, he got a cookie. I’m not a monster.)


He ran ahead to grab us a table and popped out from the little vase of decorative grass, yelling “BOO!” as I walked up with our order. Got me, you little goober.


We didn’t see any oregano, but we sprinkled some red pepper flakes on our slice of pizza after blotting off some of the grease, and Moonie happily dug in.


“BOO!” he yelled again from his little grass hiding spot as I was trying to sneak a sip of his juice. He got me again.


We had a little trouble leaving Luigi’s after we finished our pizza and juice. Moonie was holding a plastic container with his cookie inside, but I just couldn’t pull him away from all the other treats he wanted to sample. It was a heroic effort to get him out the door. Everything just looked too tasty.


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