Lord of the Pies, Stop 9

After Luigi’s, Moonie and I headed just a few doors down the street to Fat Boys Pizza, a fairly new business in the Bond Plaza in Johnston.

Moonie was drawn immediately to their philosophy.


And he liked their health advice, too.


“Ooh, look! Games!” he squealed, scrambling up onto a Jenga.


“Wait, Moonie, that’s not how you -” I started to protest, but all the wooden pieces came tumbling down, along with a giggling Moonie.

While I was reassembling the Jenga, he found another game with pieces that flew everywhere.


“Whee!” he shouted as the Boggle letters jumped out, and then skipped over to Connect Four to see if he could get all the colored disks to drop out the bottom.


“Moonie, buddy, maybe you can go look at something besides the games for a minute,” I suggested, picking up the new pile of pieces, and off he skipped.

A minute later I heard him calling from the back wall. “Look, Mama! I’m driving!”


It turned out the owners keep a couple of Segways in the restaurant. I asked if they use them for deliveries. I was told they get asked that all the time. They don’t, but we all agreed it would be pretty funny if they did, at least for really close deliveries.

When we ordered our pizza, we were told that Fat Boys was doing a special loaded baked potato for Lord of the Pies fans. When asked if we wanted it with or without bacon, Moonie shouted “WITH!” at the top of his lungs, causing a few heads to turn.

“Hey, buddy, why don’t you go pick out a table for us,” I suggested, and off he went.

He found one containing a game called Trouble. It was pretty aptly named.


He mostly just wanted to play with the pieces, which were his favorite color – “rainbow.”


When our pizza came, Moonie’s eyes widened. “Ooh, pretty” he said of the criss-cross of sour cream.


Then he dug right in.


His little tummy finally full, we started to head out, but Moonie’s eye caught this big sign under the counter.


“HUG, HUG, HUG!” he shrieked, jumping onto the counter and running toward the guy on the other side with his arms outstretched. My nude little dude LOVES hugs.

The guy looked at me. “But…He’s so little…How am I supposed to…”

“HUG!” Moonie screamed and flung himself in the air.

And cuteness ensued.


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