Lord of the Pies, Stop 1

Moonie has been SO excited to use his Lord of the Pies coupons! For the whole month of November, he’ll get to try pizza at a whole bunch of restaurants. Boy, does my nude little dude love to eat!

We kicked everything off at Providence Pizza Company on Westminster Street, which immediately attracted my shiny-loving companion with its glitzy PIZZA sign.


I managed to get my excited little dude inside, where we ordered a yummy slice of cheese. The coupons all say “Dine-In Only” this year, but we were given the option to take our slice to go if we wanted. But Moonie wanted to eat there so he could sit in the table in front of the window and enjoy the glowing pizza sign, so that’s what we did.


He sprinkled our slice with oregano and happily bit in, shouting, “Yummy!” after every bite. Yes, every single one. I did manage to sneak a couple of bites myself before he’d completely polished off the slice, and I agreed with his conclusion. It was cheesy and firm, yet with a light, airy crust.

Moonie also decided to drink the whole bottle of root beer that we were SUPPOSED to share.


You’re be surprised at how loudly a teeny troll with such little lungs can burp after downing a whole soda. The other diners jumped in their seats each time my gross little guy let one loose.

The man who had served us the pizza was either the owner, the manager, or the world’s most conscientious employee, because he made a point of walking around to every table to ask how people were enjoying their food. The other customers, most of whom were trying more adventurous things like pasta dishes and calzones, had the same reaction as Moonie and me: a thumbs up for Providence Pizza Company.

One comment

  1. joji · November 7, 2015

    Pizza yazzzzzz please, yumminess ^_^


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