Lord of the Pies, Stop 5

Dan and Moonie and I hit The Fire Brick Oven Pizza & Bar as our fifth Lord of the Pies stop. Our two coupons combined were good for a one-topping pizza, which normally costs about $16. The Fire’s brick oven pizzas are big and delicious (I’ve long been a fan of their margherita), and we were looking forward to choosing a topping!

First, we had to wait for Moonie to hug the candle on the table.


Then, we were served yummy warm rolls with a dish of garlic-filled olive oil to dip them in. Fancy stuff!

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Lord of the Pies, Stop 4

Oh, yay! My friend Dan had been my Lord of the Pies companion last year, but he hadn’t been able to join Moonie and me on our first few stops. But a couple of weeks ago the three of us finally checked out Elmwood Diner. I’ve been to the Elmwood for a bunch of delicious breakfasts and lunches since they opened last year – some of the many adventures from the spring and summer that Moonie and I have yet to get around to posting – but it was Dan’s first time there and Moonie’s and my first time trying their pizza. This should be good!

It was also my first time being there at night. The Elmwood recently changed to winter hours, so it’s open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. five days a week (closed Mondays and Tuesdays). Moonie loved the cozy evening ambiance, meaning he had to run around hugging each of the candles on the tables.


He also had to play hide and seek in the vintage-looking fridge holding bottles of soda.


And try on some shirts, too.

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Lord of the Pies, Stop 3

A couple of months ago, my friend Elaine and I tried to meet up for tacos during RI Food Fights’ “Taco Mania.” The taco place was closed, even though per the hours posted on their door they were supposed to be open, so we ended up at yummy Napolitano’s Brooklyn Pizza enjoying their $5 special (two slices of cheese and a drink). Now that Elaine and I planned on meeting at Napolitano’s Brooklyn Pizza for pizza, I wondered if we’d somehow end up with tacos instead.

But we didn’t! Because NBP makes some really good slices of New York-style pizza, and because not only Elaine but also our friend Jennifer Jane AND our friend Jake all met up with us, and because it was a Friday and good things seem to happen on Fridays. For Moonie, that good thing happened the moment he saw the pizzaria’s lights. He loooves shiny lights!


Even better, NBP carries Pelligrino soda, which makes Moonie happy (even if it also makes him belch).

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Lord of the Pies, Stop 2

You’d think his tummy would have been full from all that soda, but Moonie wanted to head right down the street to try Pizza J, which has only been open a couple of weeks but which everyone has told us is wonderful. How could you go wrong from the folks who brought us Julian’s Restaurant?

My rainbow-loving companion was immediately attracted to Pizza J’s windows.


And to their cool light display on the outside of the building.


And to this silly sign inside, which had my joke lover giggling maniacally.

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Lord of the Pies, Stop 1

Moonie has been SO excited to use his Lord of the Pies coupons! For the whole month of November, he’ll get to try pizza at a whole bunch of restaurants. Boy, does my nude little dude love to eat!

We kicked everything off at Providence Pizza Company on Westminster Street, which immediately attracted my shiny-loving companion with its glitzy PIZZA sign.


I managed to get my excited little dude inside, where we ordered a yummy slice of cheese. The coupons all say “Dine-In Only” this year, but we were given the option to take our slice to go if we wanted. But Moonie wanted to eat there so he could sit in the table in front of the window and enjoy the glowing pizza sign, so that’s what we did.


He sprinkled our slice¬†with oregano and happily bit in, shouting, “Yummy!” after every bite. Yes, every single one. I did manage to sneak a couple of bites myself before he’d completely polished off the slice, and I agreed with his conclusion. It was cheesy and firm, yet with a light, airy crust.

Moonie also decided to drink the whole bottle of root beer that we were SUPPOSED to share.


You’re be surprised at how loudly a teeny troll with such little lungs can burp after downing a whole soda. The other diners jumped in their seats each time my gross little guy let one loose.

The man who had served us the pizza was either the owner, the manager, or the world’s most conscientious employee, because he made a point of walking around to every table to ask how people were enjoying their food. The other customers, most of whom were trying more adventurous things like pasta dishes and calzones, had the same reaction as Moonie and me: a thumbs up for Providence Pizza Company.