Mini Hike

Moonie and I belong to a Facebook group of local people who love to hike. Unfortunately, a series of pesky injuries have prevented me from joining them since last July – until yesterday’s evening hike at the Audubon Society’s Powder Mill Ledges Wildlife Refuge in Smithfield. We arrived at what our hiking friend Stephen had advertised as a “mini hike” (my mini Moonie’s favorite kind) to find our fearless leader reviewing the trail map.


Our party consisted of 8 humans, one Moonie, and one doggie, all set to take a 6 p.m. hike and cover as much ground as possible before sundown. Luckily, Powder Mill Ledges is a small enough refuge that we’d be able to cover all three trails well before dark. We set right out, looking for trail markers for our blue, yellow and orange trails, set off in the beginning by big, friendly signs.


Many parts of the trails are marked not only with signs and tree markings but also with rail ties, catwalks, bridges, and even with a path mowed through a field. It’s not impossible to get lost – and our group did hiccup once or twice when we’d get caught up in chatting – but it’s pretty hard. It’s generally a smooth and easy place to hike and to look for birds and the occasional chipmunk.

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Mama’s Day

I woke on Sunday morning to a faceful of brightly-colored flowers. A smiling little Moonie was holding them out.


“Happy Mama’s Day!” he shouted. I’d forgotten all about Mother’s Day, and his lovely gift last year of the little dish of jelly beans. He’d continued the rainbow theme this year with an armful of daisies.

“Thanks, little dude!” I said, reaching for the flowers. Moonie grinned. “Hold on,” he said. “I have one more surprise. Close your eyes!”

I dutifully complied, and when instructed, opened them to find this:

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Jury Duty

In February, we received a blue form summoning us to jury duty.

“Oh boy!” Moonie shouted, excited to serve his civic duty.

Oh boy, indeed.

We showed up along with lots and lots of other people – so many that the shuttle bus had to promise to come back for the rest of us. Then we arrived at Superior Court, where security guards had to run my pocketbook through the X-ray machine three times because of “suspicious noises.”

(“What was that about?” I asked Moonie when I was finally handed my bag. “Were you giggling?”
“Well, it tickled!” Moonie retorted.)

We then took this very pretty elevator to the 4th floor jury lounge.


Moonie enjoyed the court’s long hallways, perfect for the pitter-patter of teeny troll feet.

the long bum of the law

the long bum of the law

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Gotcha Day

“Gotcha Day” is how adopted members of families celebrate the day they joined the family.

Friends, today is Moonie’s Gotcha Day. I found him – or he found me – exactly one year ago today, and he’s been looking forward to celebrating.

And not just for the cake.


Moonie has had a truly wonderful year. I have no idea where he was for the first 30 years of his life (he may look underage, but he’s been around since 1985!), and he isn’t telling. But between April 25, 2015 and April 25, 2016, I’ve seen this nude little dude enjoy himself immensely. His love for people, animals, music, art, rainbows, cookies, and jokes is limitless. And since his little hands have a hard time typing and I handle the blogging for him, he has asked me very nicely to say “thank you” to all of his friends who have given him smiles and hugs – only a few of whom are pictured, because a collage of everyone Moonie loves would be impossibly huge.


He is giving smiles and hugs right back to you.


Moonie’s friend MDB (“Emmm Deee Beee!” he shouted happily, recognizing the initials) had a birthday recently. Like a true music lover, he used that as an excuse to host a songwriter in the round with two of his talented friends, Abbie Gardner and Jesse Terry.


And, like a true music lover, Moonie bought us tickets to the show, with his spiky pink head as close to the stage as he could get.

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‘Mericans at Bucket Brewery

Moonie has so many adventures that I sometimes fall behind on writing about them. Boy, did he have a fun one back in November!

He and I met up with friends at Bucket Brewery in Pawtucket, where our favorite Rhode Island band, the ‘Mericans, was set to rock a crowd of craft beer drinkers.



Inside, the brewery was decorated with glittery strings of lights that immediately attracted my shiny-loving dude’s attention.


Even better, he spotted the ‘Mericans on a makeshift stage.

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Moonie is on Instagram.

Well, he doesn’t have an account. But whenever I’m enjoying a nature walk or a drink or a quiet moment, he’ll pop up with, “Look, Mama!” and be so cute that I need to snap a photo. So he features prominently on my personal Instagram.

He was sad that his Facebook friends might be missing out on his exciting adventures, so I agreed that every once in a while we will make a blog post with some of his InstagraMoonie (as he calls them) photos.

Aren’t you glad you didn’t miss him enjoying the cat wreath at his favorite shop, What Cheer Records and Antiques, in December?


Or how about hanging with his pretty friends Mary and Kamilla at Perks and Corks? He wooed them with citrus-y smiles.


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Bob Fitzgerald

A couple of weeks ago Moonie and I had a wonderful evening at Brooklyn Coffee and Teahouse enjoying hot drinks and cool music. He was thrilled that the three fantastic acts included Bob Fitzgerald, a near-fixture at some of Moonie’s favorite open mics. Moonie and Bob’s son Ian, as you all know, go to the same barber 😉

Moonie really enjoyed Bob’s set. Bob has written some fantastic songs and played them so well that night on his 12-string guitar. My pink-haired punk was mesmerized from the first chord.


He did shake himself out of enjoying Bob’s upbeat, bluesy songs to amble over to greet his good friend Marty. Marty and Moonie sure do love being sound engineers together!


Moonie smiled and wiped away a little tear as Bob finished the last lingering note of “Slowly,” a song he’d written for his wife on their 39th anniversary. In a flash, he ran over to hug his pal, and Bob in turn had a big smile for my little sidekick.


Between Bob, talented duo Colby and Keila, and the wonderful Lenny Solomon, I thought his little pink head was going to explode with happiness. Thanks to Bob and his fellow musicians for making Moonie’s night!

Happy Easter!

I followed the sounds of giggling to find Moonie with three new friends:


“What’s up, guys?” I asked.

“Oh, nothing,” Moonie said, smiling. “I’m just hanging with my Peeps.”

The Peeps giggled.

“We were telling Peep jokes,” Moonie said. “Like this one: Why did the Easter bunny go into the adults-only section?”

“Why?” I asked, along with his three marshmallow companions.

“Because he wanted to see the Peep show!”

I didn’t know candy could laugh, but all three Peeps did.

“Why was the marshmallow chick so popular?” Moonie asked.

“Why?” we chorused.

“Because she was a Peep-le person!” he shouted. His candy friends howled. Read More